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The National Production Workers Union and its affiliate Local Unions represent workers across the United States. While the largest concentration of members are located in Illinois, there is a substantial number of members that are spread throughout the United States, from New York to California, in various industries.

The National Production Workers Union consist of the following affiliated Unions:

1) The Truck Drivers, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers Union Local 707: which represent workers in the Rail Yards, Truck Drivers, Class A Drivers, CDL Drivers, Lift Equipment Operators, Hostlers, Ground Men, Road Drivers, and Yard Drivers. It also provides representation for workers in the Warehouse Industry like Forklift Operators specializing in Shipping and Receiving, Logistics, Material Handling, Machine Operators, Hand Handled Lifts, including Mechanics.


2) The Production Workers Union Local 707: which represent workers in the areas of production that include the Whole Sale Industry, Produce Industry, Meat Packing Industry, Construction, Landscaping, Product Packaging, Production Lines, Cement Workers, Brick Layers, Metal Processing Workers, Steel Worker, Uniform Cleaning Workers, Corrugated Workers, and much more.


3) The Professional, Technical and Clerical Employees Union: represent Clerical employees, LPN’s, Medical Assistant employees, Bank Tellers, employees working for Credit Unions, Receptionists, and professional employees.


4) The Production Workers Union of Cleveland and Vicinity Local 707: This Local primarily represents state and city workers employed in many municipalities as well as workers in the manufacturing industry.


Our membership depends on these Unions to bargain for their wages, benefits, seniority, working conditions and most importantly Job Security during these tough economic times. These Unions have been successful in making great strides in all of these facets for our members by using the experience each Local contain in their respective Industry. These Unions understand that there is no business in placing companies out of business, but will use every legal resource before striking any Company.

These Unions have established an Insurance Fund and a Severance (Retirement) Fund, and have been very successful in negotiating these benefits for a large number of the membership. The Insurance Fund includes Dental, Vision, Life Insurance and Disability benefits for our members. The Severance (Retirement) Fund currently has approximately $31,000,000.00 in assets and is available to all eligible members once they terminate employment (for any reason), retire, or quit working for the Company with 60 to 90 days. The Union has developed a 401K Plan that can also be negotiated for our members. These Funds employ an Investment Manager, Investment Monitor, Legal Counsel, Auditors and Administrative Managers to oversee the operations directed by the Board of Trustees of the Locals.


The Unions employ Business Representatives who oversee and enforce all Collective Bargaining Contracts. The Unions office staff handles the normal clerical functions required in operating the Union and serves as a back-up for the Business Representatives, who are in the field handling grievances, organizing, negotiating and fighting for the membership’s labor rights.


Now more than ever, the hard working men and women are in need of Union representation. Remember that according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Union members earn 28% more than non-Union workers.


If you need additional information please contact the Organizing Director Jose Diaz at (847) 845-0224 or you can also contact Joe Vincent at (630) 337-8572


latest news

  • Increased wages for 1000 workers.
    Increased wages for 1000 workers.

    National Production Workers Union, increased wages for 1000 workers.

  • We did it together

    NPWU is pleased to Welcome railroad-drivers from across the country to be part of our union.


  • Union Representatives
    Union Representatives

    Our Union has just completely revamped our Office administration to give our members the best service. 


    Our organizing efforts continue to surpass expectations due to our Strong MEMBER Support.